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Using Motivational Interviewing to Treat Addiction

Using Motivational Interviewing to Treat Addiction — http://www.issuesofsubstance.ca Dr. William R. Miller, keynote speaker at the Issues of Substance 2013 conference, shares a sneak peek into what participants…

Minnesota Senate panel approves medical marijuana
Scott Dibble, DFL-Minneapolis, the bill's sponsor, tightened the legislation by specifying only licensed medical doctors and… Continue reading

Community Mourns Deaths of Snowville Mother, Teen

Community mourns deaths of Snowville mother, teen
The rest of the family — father Tim Simpkins and two younger children — and Ginger's teenage boyfriend were also hospitalized with the illness but were released after medical treatment led to a quick turnaround, said Dwayne Simpkins, Tim Simpkins …
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How Much Does Hep C Treatment (Such as Interferon and Ribavirin, ETC…) Cost Without Insurance?

Question by lindseyw: How much does Hep C treatment (such as Interferon and ribavirin, ETC…) cost without insurance?
Please only answer if you have experience or useful knowledge. Any info on good assistance programs and ideas for “in the mean time” supplements that would be beneficial (i know… Continue reading

Rehab After Work Drug Counseling | Paoli, PA (610) 644-6464

Rehab After Work Drug Counseling | Paoli, PA (610) 644-6464 — Individuals can seek individual therapy sessions at any time during treatment. http://rehabafterwork.com/index.html Those seeking treatment are assigned a co…

Cajun Tort Travesty?
The particular award will certainly not stand, but may nonetheless be the beginning of “death by 1,000… Continue reading

Is There a Humanist Version of AA?

Question by noggin the nog: Is there a Humanist version of AA?
The 12 Steps programme emphasises turning to a higher power for help. The AA deny being Christian, and open to all religions, but anyone with half a wit can see this isn’t the case. Thus potential members are… Continue reading

Is There a List of the Different Rehabilitation Centers or Medical Institutions Which Offers Drug Treatment Pr

Question by butch: Is there a list of the different rehabilitation centers or medical institutions which offers drug treatment pr
I’m looking for rehab centers or hospitals which provide treatment programs for drug addicts. My father has been addicted to heroin for two years now and after a… Continue reading

Addiction Recovery — Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Resources

Addiction Recovery — Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Resources — Sarah Michelle, 24, shares her story of adolescent drug addiction, bulimia, and triumphant recovery. Zach has ov. Guest David takes the stage to share his experience, strength, and hope as…

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Wife Needs a Substance Abuse Treatment Close to Baton Rouge

Wife Needs a Substance Abuse Treatment Close to Baton Rouge — For Drug Recovery Assistance Call 1-855-602-5102 24/7/365.

Just Joking? Bugged Russian Ambassadors Want to Annex Alaska and Miami
… after all, contradict the flow of thinking and desires shared by many in Russia. The latest Levada Center social shows… Continue reading

What Treatment Center?

Question by : What treatment center?
hi I’m a 19 year old female who has been secretly suffering from anorexia and bulimia for about 4 years. I have decided it’s time to tell my parents and receive treatment but I don’t know which treatment center is right for… Continue reading

Drug Treatment Recommendation?

Question by Mya J: drug treatment recommendation?
Does anyone have any recommendations for a rehab center in the Los Angeles area? I am a 28yr old female with no health insurance and have been using meth for 13yrs. I need help!! I would like to go to a fairly decent… Continue reading