Is There a List of the Different Rehabilitation Centers or Medical Institutions Which Offers Drug Treatment Pr

Question by butch: Is there a list of the different rehabilitation centers or medical institutions which offers drug treatment pr
I’m looking for rehab centers or hospitals which provide treatment programs for drug addicts. My father has been addicted to heroin for two years now and after a series of persuasion and confrontations, he eventually admitted the fact that he needs help. I want my dad to get better as soon as possible so now I’m looking for the facility that will provide the best treatment program to help him recover fast. I really need answers. Thanks.

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Answer by marie
I admire you for taking the initiative of persuading and confronting your dad about his addiction. There are some websites containing lists of different institutions which offers specific drug treatment programs. I’ve posted some of the below for you to check out. Good luck with your father’s journey to full recovery.

Answer by ANR
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