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The Vaping Craze

The Vaping Craze
At the time, however, available e-cigarettes were considered highly unregulated gimmicks mostly advertised on porn sites and imported from China. … “We didn't want to get into the online market because there's just too much crap out there. … Santa …
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Veterans Court Could Provide Alternative to Jail Time

Veterans court could provide alternative to jail time
Military veterans Doug Whetstone, Stevan Duke and Ron Lewis listen during a reent city council meeting during which a Veterans Addiction Recovery Program was discussed. / Trevor Christensen / The Spectrum … Area veterans have been working with …
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Question About Drug/alcohol Addiction?

Question by while_love_remains: Question about drug/alcohol addiction?
Hopefully there is someone with some knowledge about Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous here.. I’m trying to work the steps and there has been a nagging question in my head. If there is a recovering addict seeking the fellowship of… Continue reading

Study to Understand Why YMSM Place Themselves at Risk for HIV Transmission

Study to understand why YMSM place themselves at risk for HIV transmission
… and Human Development, the Global Institute of Public Health, and NYU Langone Medical Center, will study this population in order to better understand the reasons for this increase under a five-year, $ 3.1 million grant from the… Continue reading

Regarding Addiction/alcohlism, Heard of the Cure Book?

Question by dopray777: Regarding addiction/alcohlism, heard of the cure book?
There is a new book called the alcohol and addiction cure by Chris Prentiss. Does anyone know of it or have an opinion? The concepts seem reasonable but I don’t want to waste my time or money if… Continue reading

The Most Astounding Fact – Neil deGrasse Tyson

The Most Astounding Fact – Neil deGrasse Tyson — Mobile users can watch on Vimeo! http://vimeo.com/38101676 Astrophysicist Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson was asked by a reader of TIME magazine, “What is the most a…

Is your teen obsessed with a celebrity?
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“From Teenage Star to Addicted and Homeless” — Dr. Phil

“From Teenage Star to Addicted and Homeless” — Dr. Phil — Subscribe to the Dr. Phil YouTube Channel: http://bitly.com/SubscribeDrPhil LIKE us on Facebook: http://bitly.com/DrPhilFacebook Follow us on Twitter: http:/…

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Drug Addiction and the Foot-in-the-Door Affect?

Question by jeg2315: Drug addiction and the foot-in-the-door affect?
Does the foot-in-the-door affect have an impact on drug addiction? I am thinking along the lines of self-persuasion in terms of addiction, such as ‘one can’t hurt’, or ‘I’ll try it once’. Then, it turns into an addiction where you can’t… Continue reading

Prescription Abuse Summit Notebook: The Statistics of Opiate Addiction

Prescription Abuse Summit Notebook: The statistics of opiate addiction
This week, at the National RX Drug Abuse Summit, a slew of statistics have been put forth in several PowerPoint presentations, lectures and discussions of what the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have described as a national "epidemic …… Continue reading

Drug Treatment Centers in Maryland | Call 800-303-2938 for Questions

Drug Treatment Centers in Maryland | Call 800-303-2938 For Questions — Drug Treatment Centers in Maryland – Call 800-303-2938 For Questions Drug addiction is one major issue that needs help from professionals. In Maryland, we ha…

Experts: 'killer heroin' may be something else
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