How Much Does Hep C Treatment (Such as Interferon and Ribavirin, ETC…) Cost Without Insurance?

Question by lindseyw: How much does Hep C treatment (such as Interferon and ribavirin, ETC…) cost without insurance?
Please only answer if you have experience or useful knowledge. Any info on good assistance programs and ideas for “in the mean time” supplements that would be beneficial (i know there are no natural cures…) for hep c patients.

A little history, my husband is 29 years old & was diagnosed around the age of 20. His doc ran some tests about two years ago & he said my husband’s levels were acceptable for a hep C patient. He hasn’t visited the dr since… he doesn’t want to start treatment for a few years bc he wants to build his business… I understand but its so frustrating bc i love him & want him better!

i love encouragement & prayers will be greatly appreciated! thank you!

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Answer by madeline3
There are some programs you can get into to help pay for the meds if you don’t have insurance. Is he seeing a gastro dr? I would start there. The meds are pretty expensive my husband is on treatment now our insurance is great so we only have a copay on two meds but I know with the treatments he does it is close to $ 2,800 for 4 weeks.

Answer by cindy1323
The medication costs about $ 25,000-$ 30,000 for 48 weeks of treatment. That does not include office visits for a gastroenterologist (around 10 to 12 visits), viral load tests (PCR’s: 1 baseline, 1 at 12 weeks, 1 end of treatment, 1 six months post-
treatment [conservative estimates] @ approx. $ 700 each), plus biopsy $ 3000 (most doctors want you to have one, but some will treat without), and a genotype test @ about $ 1200 ( a one time test). Total: $ 33,000-$ 38,000.
What’s wrong with the patient assistance programs? Unless your husband (or you) make too much money, it will save you a lot of money, not to mention his liver. Our clinic has treated over 60 people who got their meds from the patient assistance program; only two people made too much to qualify. Hope this helps.

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