Question About Drug/alcohol Addiction?

Question by while_love_remains: Question about drug/alcohol addiction?
Hopefully there is someone with some knowledge about Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous here.. I’m trying to work the steps and there has been a nagging question in my head. If there is a recovering addict seeking the fellowship of NA and they do not believe addiction is a disease, will it interfere with their recovery? I’m not asking for just a completely factual answer, opinions are very much welcomed as well. Thanks!

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Answer by waswisgirl1
I stopped drinking without AA, went to AA years later, and found out I’d done many of the things AA suggests (don’t drink, don’t hang out with people who get drunk, don’t hang out in bars; do find friends who are supportive of having fun without drinking; reflect, figure out what you’ve done with your life & how your behavior has affected others, make amends, reflect again, endeavor to do better; help others)

I think you need to believe that you are one of the people who can’t control your use of narcotics or alcohol, in order to successfully recover. I believe alcoholism is a disease, since so many people in my family have it (the tendency is inherited). I can’t imagine not believing its a disease, since it’s destroyed so many people’s lives that I’ve cared for…I couldn’t stick with AA since I’m agnostic, and have a hard time with so much talk about god..but I’ve been sober for 21 years. Most people need the support of AA to get and stay clean, but I did it without it, but that’s not to others in AA about your concerns, they’ll be glad to share their thoughts with you!

Good luck!!

Answer by gmonte33
Whether alcohol/drug dependence is a “disease” is pretty irrelevant. The person’s determination to stay clean and sober is the most important point. Fretting over whether it’s a disease or not doesn’t help. Just consider it a problem that you need help, support and guidance for. Once a person withdraws and detoxes from the substance then groups like NA and AA can be very helpful. You can learn alot of things and meet wonderful people who have the same problems and you can support each other and help encourage each other to stay sober. Not believing that it’s a disease will not necessarily interfere with their recovery but denying that they have a problem will.

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