Is There a Humanist Version of AA?

Question by noggin the nog: Is there a Humanist version of AA?
The 12 Steps programme emphasises turning to a higher power for help. The AA deny being Christian, and open to all religions, but anyone with half a wit can see this isn’t the case. Thus potential members are discouraged from attending because they don’t BELIEVE in a higher power, so how on earth could such a non-existant thing be of any use to them? Is there a secular version, or a Humanist version, of the meetings? Is there, in fact, a group with the same widespread influence as AA without the undertones of God-bothering??? One perhaps that believes that humans are able to overcome anything the universe throws at them, if they want to….
Ps: My drinker” is in the UK, not the US… sorry i should have mentioned that… x
Doubly Devilishly Sexy Occulty: Ever wanted to get some empathy??? If not, STFU anyway! You don’t know what you are talking about; i am requesting for someone else. I’m very glad your life is free of pain and suffering but I don’t doubt that you are not a stranger of causing it – how callous can someone get? Grrrr.
Thank you DDSO for removing your reply 🙂 x

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Answer by Kelley
I hope there is, because I totally agree with you

Answer by RiotGrrl
I’ve attached a link from a previous thread on this issue, answers all the questions better than I could!

** If this is in support of someone in your life, I would STRONGLY advocate for you to get in contact with Al-Anon, as you need support too. Trying to help an addict is a taxing, and at times thankless process. I hope you also seek support for yourself.

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