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Dr Shelly Linehan for Habitude Addiction Program

Dr Shelly Linehan for Habitude Addiction Program

Boston Will Take Your Prescription Drugs Now
“One of the best things we can do to combat substance abuse in our city is to help people avoid using in the first place,” said Mayor Martin J. Walsh in a prepared statement. Mayor… Continue reading

Anabolic Steriods and Getting Pregnant?

drug abuse help centers for pregnant women
by SS&SS

Question by sammie-jo: anabolic steriods and getting pregnant?
hi all, does any1 no if you can still fall pregnant if your boyfriend is taking anabolic steriods, my boyfreind is currently coming of anadren 50, iv read on the net that they decrease sperm mobility, if this is correct,… Continue reading

Heroin Addiction: Parents Hear From Parents

Heroin Addiction: Parents Hear from Parents
Steve Salomone spoke of the signs and symptoms of his son's drug abuse, many of which he and his wife either did not catch — or simply denied. “We missed significant signs … I feel so stupid,” he said. Among those signs were… Continue reading

Damon Albarn Drugs Abuse: Blur Frontman Claims He Found Heroin 'Initially Very

Damon Albarn drugs abuse: Blur frontman claims he found heroin 'initially very
But as positive as he appears to be about the drug's creative uses in this week's issue, Albarn has been extremely vocal about the dangers of addiction in the past. “It's a cruel, cruel thing,” he… Continue reading

Parents of Heroin Overdose Victim to Speak at Public Forum, Thursday

Parents of Heroin Overdose Victim to Speak at Public Forum, Thursday
Dr. Miller will be speaking about the definition of addiction and impacts that addiction has on addicts and their families. The general consensus with most experts is that prescription narcotic pain medications are the primary gateway to heroin use… Continue reading

Parents: Unruly Students Threaten Safety at Kent Schools

Parents: Unruly students threaten safety at Kent schools
 She deals with students who get no help from parents because they do not speak English, are to busy getting loaded on their drug of choice or are to busy entertaining this weeks girlfriend or boyfriend.  She must do lice… Continue reading

Recognizing Alcohol & Drug Addiction : How to Help an Addict

Recognizing Alcohol & Drug Addiction : How to Help an Addict — How to help an addict with their addiction in this free home health video. Expert: rivrsurvivor Bio: John DePalma, born and raised in, Queens, NY, has been a…

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Some EMTs Could Drop Rank Without Training

Some EMTs could drop rank without training
That would mean they could no longer give intravenous drips, read heart rhythms with an electrocardiogram or give manual defibrillation to revive a patient, although they can use similarly effective devices. Indiana EMS Commission member Lee Turpen …
Read more on Princeton Daily… Continue reading

Does Rohypnol Cause Addiction?

Question by Danielle <3: Does Rohypnol cause addiction?
I am doing a health project, and i need to know if rohypnol causes a physical or mental addiction.
10 points best answer!

Best answer:

Answer by MIK
its both , its a strong benzo , like 10 times stronger than valium , withdraw… Continue reading

RDH=Road (To) Dental (Professional) Happiness

RDH=Road (to) Dental (professional) Happiness
How did I get here from my career start as a dental assistant/plaque control therapist in 1972 to a licensed dental hygienist in 1995 and a Mayo Clinic Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist in 2014? RDH seal. It was my career goal to … Life took… Continue reading