Drug Addiction and the Foot-in-the-Door Affect?

Question by jeg2315: Drug addiction and the foot-in-the-door affect?
Does the foot-in-the-door affect have an impact on drug addiction? I am thinking along the lines of self-persuasion in terms of addiction, such as ‘one can’t hurt’, or ‘I’ll try it once’. Then, it turns into an addiction where you can’t stop. Does this make sense, or am I way off with foot-in-the-door concepts? Thanks.

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Answer by Sxyblonde S
ok coming from and addicted in alot of things u have to stop. GET help unlike me i stopped my coke addiction on my own it was an awesome feeling to know i have willpower to stop it.and havnt wanted to do it because i nearly died from some bad time crap. im also addicted to pain vic pills and starting to wean too,so get help an addiction to drugs is a very serious thing so get off this and get into a clinic for ur own sake!!

Answer by gt
yea definitley! i can related to that. depends on the drug and how it makes u feel. and availability to that drug. if its weed ur talkin bout, u’ll be alrite.

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