Regarding Addiction/alcohlism, Heard of the Cure Book?

Question by dopray777: Regarding addiction/alcohlism, heard of the cure book?
There is a new book called the alcohol and addiction cure by Chris Prentiss. Does anyone know of it or have an opinion? The concepts seem reasonable but I don’t want to waste my time or money if it is not worth it.

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Answer by gavin m
sorry haven’t heard of it.I know that dosnt help but i need points lol Alcoholism is hard to overcome. Ive got a bit of a problem myself. I even cut down to one nite at the weekends before and then i didnt drink for about 2 months but as soon as i drank again i couldnt set the stuff down. The problem here in Ireland is that it is socially acceptable to get drunk. I had the worst hangover earlier and i always say im never drinking again but its just so much fun lol Im only 21 like but i know it could lead to bigger problems so i want to stop while i can. I find if you stop yourself from buying drink or going out to bars and clubs. Tell your friends not to invite you to ether then that helps. There is no such thing as just a few drinks when you have a bit of a problem it aLways leads to more REMEMBER THAT

Answer by sarahb
I have not heard of this book, so thanks-I’ll have to look into it. I got clean though AA, so the Big Book has been a large factor in my recovery. Many of the “self-help” books I have read on alcoholism have been based on principals from that book, so it wouldn’t surprise me if this one is similar.

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