ABOUT SMOKING WEED (I Know This Sounds Stupid But….) Please Answer?

Question by emily?: ABOUT SMOKING WEED (i know this sounds stupid but….) please answer?
i know what smoking weed (marijuana) does to you and that it can affect your brain, but i just wanted to know how much damage it would have done to me by now.
well when i started smoking it i was in year 8 but i did it about 7 times in about 2 months, then stopped.
year 9 i did it about 5 times in the hole year
year 10 i did it about 10 times
and this year (im year 11 now) ive smoked about 6 joints already and the years only really just started
so im wondering what damage has happened to me from this?

also im not a “druggie” or a “looser” i only do it nowa’days to take my period pains away because no pain killer, not even the ones my doctor prescribes for me, works.
so this is the only way the pains go.

i used to smoke it because, well i guess it was peer pressure in year 8 and 9 and kind of year 10

and this year ive only just discovered it takes period pains away

so that’s why i do it

(sorry about that i just don’t want to be judged)

so whats the damage already? because i feel fine
what the :S
im not 11
….im in year 11
im 16!

ok dont worry, but i wouldnt say im asking this in a weird way because of smoking weed :S , im from england.. so i guess i didnt think about what words people use in other countrys
but dont worry

thanks for the answers everyone x

Best answer:

Answer by Sophi
there is no damage, just the loss of some brain cells.

Answer by Katzie
Ok here we go: First I am going to respond to you by saying I’ve been an habitual and avid weed lover. I’ve smoked every single day for the past 8 years. I hold both a Bachelor’s Degree AND a Master’s Degree from two prominent colleges. I work in NYC at a 40 hour a week full time job (which I am damn good at by the way), I pay my bills on time, I have continuously healthy yearly checkups at the doctor.

SECOND: I am going to copy and paste a nice answer that I left for someone else regarding marijuana.

“Um honestly, weed is not that big of a deal. The only reason it is not legal is because the government would not be able to tax it if they did make it legal. People would just grow their own plants and that would be the end of it.

Take a look at cigarettes and alcohol. Both more crippling and more destructive, and both are addicting substances! People die of alcohol poisoning, lung cancer, drunk driving, emphesema, throat cancer, yet these two items remain legal because the government is making LOADS of cash off of 1. the sale of these products, 2. the doctor bills for recovering alcoholics, 3. the sale of medications to stop cigarette addiction (think nicorette and now this new laser treatment? What the hell?)

Weed has been under complete scrutiny basically for that reason. There’s a really good book, it’s called “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” and in it the author goes through files, government files, newspaper clippings, and all this information, (he provides it with pictures etc) and it explains the governments conspiracy of marijuana. (I have provided the link to Jack Herer’s site with the actual chapters FROM the book. Without pictures though.)

Marijuana actually has many benefits that people don’t tell you about because the governement uses scare tactics to keep people “in line” if you will. Many lies have been made up in regards to weed, for example: Weed is worse than cigarettes. No. In reality, people who smoke weed as well as smoke cigarettes have been shown to be less likely to develop lung cancer, than cigarette smokers alone. Why is this? Because the ingredients on weed actually CLEAR the gunk off the lungs.

I could go on all day.

Yes, there are some people that take it to the extreme and becomes useless bums. These people are wastes of life to begin with. In no way does weed make you like this. And in no way is weed a “gateway” drug. Just because you smoke weed does not mean a year down the line you’re going to start sticking yourself with heroin needles.

I smoke weed and I have NEVER, and will NEVER dabble in other forms of drugs. I don’t even consider weed a drug because it is not addictive. You cannot OD on weed. You cannot die from weed.

Those who say marijuana is addictive is 110% wrong. There are no ingredients in the hemp plant which cause habit forming behaviors. At most it becomes a “mental addiction” and those people usually turn out to be waste of life potheads who do nothing but watch old reruns of Ren and Stimpy and chow down on Cheetos.

As I said. Huge conspiracy. I have never had the urge to try anything else. Those that do go from weed to other drugs do so on their own free will, not because the weed in the brain made them.

There are many many medical advantages to smoking

HA HA HA HA see i smoke more weed than people below that answer the question incorrectly… i can readdd weeeeee. hahhhahhahaha.

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