Parents: Unruly Students Threaten Safety at Kent Schools

Parents: Unruly students threaten safety at Kent schools
 She deals with students who get no help from parents because they do not speak English, are to busy getting loaded on their drug of choice or are to busy entertaining this weeks girlfriend or boyfriend.  She must do lice checks, arrange breakfast …
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Pot Prohibitionists Engage in Legalization Battle
We just want Alaskans to understand that that is what this definition includes.” Related: Growing … Williams suggested proponents of the initiative donate money instead to one of the many organizations in Alaska that deals with substance abuse and youth.
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Is one in three Canadians really a victim of child abuse and at risk of mental
There's plenty of anecdotal evidence that abuse suffered as a child can affect a person in adulthood, from a propensity to alcohol and drug abuse to acting out violently or simply not functioning well in society. Creating definitions that indict a full …
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