Need Help for My Biology Hw. Abt Smoking and Drugs.?

Question by TW: need help for my biology hw. abt smoking and drugs.?
1. Emphysema
– causes of the disease
– signs and symptoms
– cures or treatment
– ways of preventing the disease or reducing your risk
– other facts or vital statistics

2. Cocaine
– What is it?
– How is it made? (include this if it causes any environmental pollution)
– what dangers exist for users
– what dangers exist for non users
– other facs or vital statistics

one topic from these 2.

Best answer:

Answer by Stacey Lynn
On the topic of Cocaine.
What is it?? I know it is a drug. Used by drug users.
How is it made? I would have to ask a drug expert.
( Include this if it causes any environmental pollution) I would have to say yes it does.
What dangers exist for non-users.
Since cocaine is inhaled thru the nose.
I would have to say it is treated like smokers and non-smokers.
Non-smokers have it just as bad as the person who is smoking. Affecting the lungs when you breath the smoke in.
Fatally dangerous I would have to say.
Other facs or vital statistics: I’m sure they is many on cocaine and the people who use cocaine and become a addict of it.

Answer by Sarah G
Cocaine is a distilled and dried product that comes from the coca plant. It is actually an oil based product. It is in the stimulant group of drugs. It does damage to the heart upon contact. It often takes only once for users to be “hooked”. The dangers for non’users are what drug addiction does to families and friends-endless. The damage to society-endless.There is no detoxification process for cocaine addicts, other than “coming down” or “jonesing”.

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