Is There Such Thing as a “Weekend Pass” for a Drug Treatment Center?

Question by bradpast: Is there such thing as a “Weekend Pass” for a Drug Treatment Center?
My friend called me after spending a week and a half in a drug treatment center and he tells me that he is out for the weekend. He says they gave him a ‘Weekend Pass’ for having a month of sobriety, when I know for sure that he was using right before he left for the center… Trust him???

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Answer by Ron
I’m a recovered alcoholic who went into a drug/alcohol rehab centre in 2006, first of all alcoholics and drug addicts are the world’s best liars, and I think it’s extremely unlikely.

During the time I spent in rehab, the most ‘time out’ I had was for one day during the weekend between the hours of 11.00am in the morning and 4pm in the afternoon, and that was only with a trusted adult who had to leave all their home details with the centre, and that was after two months sobriety.

I now work in another rehab centre myself which abides by the same rules.

That said, you are not locked into a rehab centre so he could ‘walk’ at any time, however he would not be allowed back to continue his program, if he has paid for his treatment or someone else has, the money would be forfeited, and if his treatment is linked to jail parole he would also forfeit that right.

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