Is Drug Addiction Treatment Really Effective?

Question by dorian c: Is drug addiction treatment really effective?
What does it do? I was just wondering since a cousin of mine is undergoing this kind of treatment and I want to know what difference it will make aside from making him stop taking drugs and alcohol.

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Answer by clarissa w
Well, the goal of addiction treatment, aside from making the individual go into abstinence, is to bring back the productivity of the patient– be it in the workplace, family, or community. According to studies, drug addiction treatment significantly reduces drug use and decreases criminal activity. It also reduces the risk of HIV infection. Treatment can also improve chances of getting employment.

However, though this generally holds true, the addiction treatment’s success is still dependent upon the patient himself. He has to actively engage in the treatment and have the will to change in order to recover more quickly and make the addiction treatment a success.

Answer by Mr None Appliacble
Go look at the best facilities and they all have a 90% or higher rate of FAILURE. Why? Because, though they might get out clean an sober and are put back in the same place that they were when they got addicted, with all the temptations and vices.

Want to help him, have him piss in a cup every day. Or have his have his guardian sign his butt into the Peace Corp for an African deployment or the Merchant Marines, 4 months at sea and 15000 miles from the nearest crack house.

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