I’m in Ohio and I Need Help With Insurance and Healthcare/treatment?

Question by Datura: I’m in Ohio and I need help with insurance and healthcare/treatment?
I am 27 yrs old, jobless (disabled) homeless, no car, no license, and now no insurance. Oh yeah, I’m 21 weeks pregnant too. I have been on opiates for over 10 years and now have been trying to get off them for over 1 year, lng before I found out I was pregnant. The problem with being addicted to opiates and being disabled is despite the fact that I have come off of them, and I mean ALL of them, vicodin, percocet, oxy, roxy, etc. *I DO NOT use street drugs, have refused methadone and suboxin and I would rather go to rehab before I would stoop to using heroin or anything; the problem is that the dr’s will only put me back on these drugs or even worse, they won’t put me back on them when I need them. I need surgery on my spine, am trying to get medical assistance and now my prescriptions are due but they cost over $ 500 altogether. I am scared of withdrawing and being pregnant, the dr’s have been slowly weening me but it just isn’t good enough for me (I knew I would wind up in a shituation like this, have no help or support, my family doesn’t know or understand my struggle with these meds and being dependent on them). I need to find healthcare coverage like yesterday and I am also willing to do whatever it takes to further avoid any more problemds from living like this. Any advice helps. It’s butler county by the way.

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Answer by Gracinda
Being pregnant, you qualify for WIC and Medicaid; what’s holding up your application for MA?
As for shelter, there are homeless shelters for expecting mothers, usually in larger cities. They can help you regain some perspective and help you stay clean.

Answer by J Miller
You can get Medicaid that will help you with your medical care while pregnant. I’d recommend that you go to the Medicaid office tomorrow and apply for coverage. Unfortunately without a job or a lot of money you won’t be able to get private insurance.
Please know that tapering off opiates while pregnant is very dangerous to the baby. It’s never recommended so I’m a bit surprised that your doctor is doing it. When you taper the fetus will also experience withdrawal symptoms and you could have a miscarriage. Although I know you have resisted it the best thing for the baby is to go on methadone until the baby is born. It won’t make you high and it won’t hurt your baby. You will be able to function normally and take good care of your growing baby. You can stay on a low dose and taper off right after the baby is born.

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