I Know Someone Who Is Addicted to Meth and Needs Help. How Much Does Inpatient/residential Drug Rehab Cost?

Question by Link: I know someone who is addicted to meth and needs help. How much does inpatient/residential drug rehab cost?

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Answer by impurrfect10
It all depends if they have insurance and what type of insurance. Some will pay for the entire rehab and others will only pay for outpatient treatment. There are free clinics in most states. Call your local hospital and ask to talk to the social worker. They should be able to advise you on free or sliding scale rehab treatment programs. GL

Answer by Stephen N
Fortunately for your friend, there are rehab programs for just about every financial situation.

It’s important to remember that, given reputable facilities, what you pay for is often what you get. It costs a lot of money to provide a full medical staff, 24 hour supervision and support, a well balanced diet and daily recovery-related activities.

If you go with a private inpatient drug treatment program, you could pay up to 5 figures for 30-90 days of treatment. In some cases, insurance may cover part of the treatment.

Other people choose to finance rehab with a credit card. Methamphetamine addiction is among the most serious of all chemical dependencies – it’s important that immediate treatment is found.

The other cost is in terms of time required to recover. For a meth addiction, expect to stay for at least 30 days, and up to 90.

The problem with finding drug rehab programs is the amount of inconsistency among them. Some programs are very effective in treating addictions for the long term – other programs aren’t very effective at all.

Check out http://blog.newportcoastrecovery.com for information on how to find a drug rehab facility that will give patients a real chance at success. The first thing to do is make sure the facility is licensed by the state.

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