He Was Too Scared to Tell Me Why He Was in the Treatment, I Found Out It Was Cocaine. Idk What to Do Anymore..?

Question by ogiirl(:: he was too scared to tell me why he was in the treatment, i found out it was cocaine. idk what to do anymore..?
met this guy hes turning 18 and im about his age as well.
he comes in all the time to my place of work to get coffee, and he lives in the rehab/recovery place right across from where i work.
he is so cute, and nice. i liked him since the first time i leaned my eyes on him…we’ve been talking for about two week now, because he finally decided to ask me if im interested to hang out or something with him…i said yes! im so happy, he is so sweet and he treats me so well…the other day we got into a conversation about why hes in the treatment..and he told me that its for alcohol. but my best friends father used to work there and he knows all about him and he told me not to talk to him beause he has some real problems and he used to do cocaine, he used to not have a home and stuff like that…honestly i dont care about his past. i asked him if its true he said yes, and he told me he didnt want to tell me because he was scared that ill think of him as some kind of a loser…which is so not what i thought when i found out! i mean, i want to still keep contacts with him as i said before i like him so much he is so nice, and we have soooo much in common its ridicilous…but theres this one thing thats been hanging over my sholders ever since i found out about his problems…he told me he wanted to get clean because he used to be the person he never wanted to be..etc…but im new to these kind of things..and i can never be too sure if hes going to stay clean..or maybe once he leaves the treatment(which is next month!) im going to fall for him some more and then hes going to go back to drugs and everything he told me about is going to become reality again…what are the possibilities of him staying clean?? please helppp!

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Answer by Michele C
OK your not really going to listen to anyone but I’m going to tell you anyway. I am the child of an alcoholic who drank himself to death. I grew up to date a guy who was in recovery for heroine and coke. I thought I can do this and guess what? Recovery wasn’t true for long. He put me through hell. He even tried to kill himself by shooting up four bags of heroine. I think the worst part is even after you break up your now a codependent (I already was) for the rest of your life. Once you date an addict you are never the same. Please run as fast as you can. This does not mean he’s a bad guy but without experience in this lifestyle you will be sucked in and you’ll never be the same.

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