Is Nicotine a Drug? Plz Help?

Question by steven g: Is Nicotine A Drug? Plz Help?
When people smoke are they doing drugs?

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Answer by Mr.GreenThumb
I think technically nicotine is a drug but I wouldn’t say smoking cigarettes is the same as doing drugs.

Answer by kayleigh
According to NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse), yes nicotine is a drug. Nicotine can give a buzzing affect to some of its users, and create a relaxing and calming sense for others.

Drugs are basically anything that affect the body in some sort of way. Drugs range from Advil to LSD.

Technically when people smoke nicotine, yes they are doing drugs. But couldn’t we say the same to the man who takes medicine for his high blood pressure? Isn’t he on drugs?

Drugs aren’t always as horrible as they’re made out to be!
Keep your mind wide open!

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